A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and one of the most crucial aspects of her beauty. It is a reflection of her identity, her unique personality and is something that adds to her self esteem. This is the predominant reason why so many women love to spend a lot of their precious time and money to get silky, shiny hair that they can comfortably run their fingers through. But, as we step into the summer and face intense heat waves all around us, our hair is much more prone to damage. One of the worst side effects of the summer season is that it can leave your hair dull, greasy, and oily. So hair care in summers is of paramount importance to prevent sun-induced stress and damage and maintain the silky and shiny tresses. Below are 6 essential tips to get shiny hair this summer.

1. Keep your head covered – First things first, keep your head and hair properly covered whenever you step out during summers. The harsh sunlight and direct exposure to UV rays can take a toll on your hair and lead to loss of moisture. In addition to this, it can cause hair problems such as breakage, discoloration and result in dry- grass like hair. Those fancy SPF hair sprays commonly available in the market will not be of much use in the scorching heat. Besides this, they also include chemicals and can cause hair tangles. Covering your head with a scarf or hat while stepping out in the harsh afternoon will do the job and protect your tresses from damage.

2. Condition your hair regularly – When intense heat waves grip the environment during summer, our hair can get dry, rough, frizzy and lose its shine. While shampoos can help cleanse the scalp and hair, treating your locks to a good conditioner with a gentle massage after hair wash is the best treatment to rejuvenate your hair roots and give your hair an extra-shiny look. That’s the reason modern hair stylists always recommend applying conditioner after shampoo to retain the moisture of the hair.

3. Remove build up from your hair – Summers bring in hot weather and warmer temperatures and hence we tend to sweat more. As a result, the sebaceous glands on our scalp release extra sebum leaving the hair greasy and oily. While most people try to combat this by washing hair more often, normal shampoos can leave your hair feeling dry and dull when used regularly. Instead, oil based shampoos are all you need to remove excess oil build up from your hair. They can effectively help remove grease and buildup from your mane without stripping your scalp of natural oil. While “oil” and “shampoo” together may sound like an absurd idea, oil-based shampoos are specially formulated to nourish the scalp and hair and absorb excess oil. They treat greasy hair like no other and also smoothen your hair to give it an envy-worthy sheen.

4. Apply hair serum – No haircare routine is complete without the right hair serum. Right after you step out of the shower, applying a few drops of hair serum to towel-dried hair can make the detangling process super easy and improve the texture of the hair. Hair serums are formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients that add a luxurious shine and silky softness to your hair. By replenishing lost lipids, hair serums prevent cuticle damage and are hence essential to maintaining the health of your beautiful hair. Taking a few drops on your hand and evenly spreading it on your hair will do the magic!

5. Opt for hair spa therapy – Like every building needs a strong foundation to stand still, our hair needs strong roots to stay protected from damage and last longer. No matter how many products you buy for your hair, if your roots are not taken care of properly then it will result in hair fall. This is where a hair spa comes into play. Hair spa therapies aid in better blood circulation in your scalp. When the blood carries nutrients to your scalp, it promotes healthy hair growth and helps strengthen hair roots.

6. Consume beauty and health supplements – Shiny hair is usually perceived as strong and healthy hair. They are no less than an asset and bring us glory and pride. This is why most people are after getting hair that shines and looks divine. But how do you get those strong and lustrous locks that will last a lifetime ? Well, they are easily attainable with the right vitamins and nutrients. nutrAttractive is an essential blend of 50 clinically proven ingredients that actively help in strengthening hair and rendering them a shiny look. It’s a tried and true skin and hair care regimen most people follow to keep the indigenous hair beautiful and shining and promote new hair growth.

Why nutrAttractive for beautiful and lustrous hair

Everybody genuinely loves beautiful skin and hair. It’s a foundation of our personality, identity and what not! While there are easy to do things and easy to buy hair products in the market that claim to give you glossy and shiny hair, they have their own side effects and cons. Also, some of them can even cause permanent damage to the hair. It is always best to choose a natural path to get enviable shiny hair. nutrAttractive is an all-in-one health and beauty supplement that can keep your hair shining consistently, all day long and during every season so that you are always prepped up for special events and occasions. Conscientiously made using a mix of essential nutrients including multivitamins and phytonutrients that are good for hair, nutrAttractive aids in the natural growth of healthy hair, nourishes and strengthens hair, thickens fine hair and slows hair loss.

While phytonutrients present in nutrAttractive help stimulate the follicles to promote hair growth, multivitamins such as Vitamins C and E present in nutrAttractive act as a vital defense to stop premature loss. In addition to this, they also encourage healthy hair growth. Consume nutrAttractive daily to provide the essential nutrients and strength to your hair and your hair can look fabulous and shiny even on the steamiest days.