Introducing nutrAttractive –
The All-In-One Health & Beauty Supplement for Adults.


Were you searching for the best multivitamin tablets in India? Congratulations! You only wanted one, but you have found an all-in-one.

What makes nutrAttractive the best dietary supplement in India is its unique formulation. nutrAttractive is not only the best multivitamin tablet, but it is also the best multivitamin and multimineral tablet. Additionally, it is a powerful multi antioxidants supplement. nutrAttractive is also loaded, with omega fatty acids, collagen protein and power of high potency nutrients like Glutathione, Ginseng, Co-enzyme Q10, Curcumin, Lycopene and 45 other high potency nutrients in its single vegetarian tablet.

Unprecedented Composition

50 Precious ingredients

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Proven Efficacy

Doctor Recommended

For Health, Beauty & Immunity

No Side Eects


Scientically Designed

Lifestyle Challenges of 21st Century at the foundation of its Design

Doctors Recommendation

It is a rare blend of potent ingredients. That will promote flawless skin, healthy hair, and help boost natural metabolism for weight management.

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Mrs Deepkshika Tyagi
Sr. Nutritionist/ Dietician

In my 14 years of practice when I found supplement as extraordinary and exceptional nutrAttractive.

Ms. Deepa Arora
Sr. Dietician

It helps to promote a naturally healthy & flawless skin, healthy hair and helps boost natural metabolism for weight management.

Dr Amit Seth
Sr. Dermatologist

I will specially recommend this splendid supplement to women in and above mid 20’s.

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Dr. Davinder Sharma
M.B.B.S., MD (Med.Alt) M.C.CP

nutrAttractive is my go-to prescription for patients who come with various Skin, Hair and Nail problems. Such as, of hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, dry-dull and uneven skin tone, acne, severe hair fall or hair thinning. Here is one pill that provides every nutrition that body requires in adequate amount to treat most skin and hair problems. I am greatly impressed by the results of nutrAttractive and my patients are in love with its results. nutrAttractive is my best recommendation for good health and great skin, hair and body.

Dr. DM Mahajan
Dr. DM Mahajan

I strongly recommend nutrAttractive to everyone as a powerful all-round daily nutrition for good health, strong bones, joints & muscles, stamina fitness and immunity. Benefits that just one tablet of nutrAttractive provides is countless and fantastic.

Dr Ajay Kumar
Dr Ajay Kumar

Consume nutrAttractive Daily for Complete Health, Strong Immunity, Beautiful Skin, Strong Hair, and a Fit Body

What makes nutrAttractive the No.1 dietary supplement in India is its unique feature of being an all-in-one dietary genius.

nutrAttractive is not only the best health supplement in the Indian market today but also the most sought-after beauty supplement. Additionally, a powerful metabolism booster and an immunity booster. Furthermore, Its unique composition makes it an effective dietary supplement for mental health, sleep, and stamina.

Look no further. nutrAttractive is a doctor’s most trusted brand for holistic healthcare, skincare, haircare, and weight management.

nutrAttractive, An Unprecedented Nutritional Blend of 50 Highly Potent and Clinically Proven Ingredients

nutrAttractive is a nutritional elixir. Assembled in the form of a vegetarian tablet for daily consumption. Designed scientifically by a team of doctors and dieticians. nutrAttractive is an advanced nutraceutical solution to meet the modern-life health and beauty problems due to various factors, such as nutritional deficiency (primarily), stress, pollution, chemical exposure, & a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Management of Health while combating negative environmental influencers and biological-degenerative processes such as ageing is a modern-day hunky-dory.

Now, worry no more. nutrAttractive and moderate changes to the lifestyle will turn the clock around and help you achieve a Healthy Body, Immunity, Rejuvenated Mind and Attractive Skin, Hair, & Body Weight efficiently and with ease.

Powerful Antioxidant Supplement
Super blend of more than 12 most powerful and bioactive antioxidants and anti-inflammatory’s, such as,
Ginseng Root Extract
Co-Enzyme Q10
Nano Curcumin
Best Multivitamin and Multimineral Tablet
Outstanding mix of 15 vital vitamins, such as Vitamin A, C, D, E & K
All B-Complex Vitamins, Including Vitamin B12, & Biotin
Has plenty of 12 vital multi-minerals, Including Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, etc.
Excellent Source of Healthy Fats, Collagen Protein with Vital Amino Acids Complex
Has Omega 3 Fatty Acids in its most bioavailable and bioactive form, i.e., DHA & EPA
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Combination of Collagen Peptide Type I & III.
Amino complex of DL-methionine, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline
Best Phytonutrients Supplement with Rare Bio-Compounds
Has high potency Phyto active’s & compounds such as,
Grape Seed Extracts,
Glycyrrhiza Glabra
Ganoderma Lucidum

Promises to promote

Managing all health and beauty concerns in the fast and busy modern life is no longer an expensive, cumbersome, time-consuming and challenging job.

nutrAttractive is a single dose solution to all your health and beauty problems.

It works at the cellular level of your body to bestow incredible transformation. Thousands of our happy customers can't stop gushing over the differences it made to their health and body.

nutrAttractive is an everyday elixir for Holistic Healthcare, Solid Immunity, and Wellness with Attractive - Skin, Hair & Body.

Flawless Skin

It promotes, Flawless, Ageless, Young, Radiant, Plump, Elastic, Glowing & Hydrated Skin that is every woman’s desire.

Beautiful Hair

It promotes, natural growth of Healthy, Shiny & Moistured Hair.

Healthy Body Weight

It will aid hormonal balances, will significantly improve fat, protein, & glycose metabolism to help shed that extra cellulite and gain a healthy shape.

Strong Immunity

Potent Combination of Essential micro-nutrients & phyto-actives that boost immunity & helps in prevention & control of diseases.

Complete Healthcare

It Aids Health & Function of Vital Body Organs, Optimise Metabolism and Hormonal Function. Gives All Round Healthcare.

The Proof is in the Certifications

What They Say

Post 30’s I had accepted discoloration of the skin, fine lines and pigmentation as part of growing old, as none of the expensive creams worked, I made peace with signs of ageing. With nutrAttractive I am witnessing the transformation of my skin with every passing week, the fat accumulation at the back of my arms is also reduced. I welcome the youthful glow and vitality and thanks to nutrAttractive.

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Khushboo Shukla

A big thanks to the nutrAttractive team and wanted to drop you a line about the products. The product is extremely beneficial as it improved my muscle growth and made me more fit and healthy. Most importantly everyone says that I have started to look a couple of years younger and I am glowing. Thank you again, I would recommend everyone to use the product to stay healthier, young and fitter!

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I always desired naturally beautiful, youthful, and envy-worthy skin. But, even after several attempts to get healthy and glowing skin and long-term use of skin care products, I could not get rid of fine lines and achieve the desired glow on my face. A few weeks ago, I came to know about NutrAttractive health and beauty supplements through one of my friends. I started consuming it daily as a complete care for my skin and soon witnessed a beautiful transformation in my skin which was also so natural. NutrAttractive not only helped me turn back the clock by removing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging but improved skin hydration and made my skin soft, elastic, and supple.

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Sanjana mohan

Hello, my name is Prachi, and I proudly call myself a nutrAttractive Women, just one tablet of nutrAttractive has rewarded me with a problem free and glowing skin, hair loss reduction, stamina, and multiple health benefits. nutrAttractive has become as important as consuming water daily for me, thank you nutrAttractive.

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As 2022 arrived and another year kick-started, I made a new year resolution to stay fit and keep my body in shape. I created an exercise routine and diet plan to achieve my fitness goals. Sadly due to a busy schedule and a demanding job, I didn’t get the time to workout and follow the diet plan everyday and soon lost track. NutrAttractive worked like a miracle during my weight loss journey. It helped me boost metabolism and shed unwanted kilos while promoting loss of unhealthy fat. Maintaining a healthier weight has never been so easy.


Just a quick line to say that the nutrAttractive is a great product and hasn’t caused a reaction. My daughter says it makes my skin look smoother and less tired in addition to boosting my energy! I have only been using it for just over a week or so – wonderful results. Have a great weekend!

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Manju sharma

It worked like a miracle on my skin. It’s much clearer and healthier now. I have witnessed the gradual increase in my metabolism and subsequent loss of weight in a matter of 2 months.

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Sujata Setia

It has definitely made my face glow! My skin is turning younger and flawless. My hair strength and moisture has improved. I feel fitter, stronger and faster. nutrAttractive has become a part of my daily routine now!

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Deepika Sanghwan

This is the first time I am using this product and I am very happy with my choice. This product is very good and worked so fast. I am satisfied with the change in my skin within 14 days, I have lost a pound of weight. I feel active and attractive throughout the day.

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I am blessed with 2 adorable children that are my life now! Their birth changed my life for the best for ever. However motherhood comes with a shift in priorities and change in schedule, I was at the last of my own priority raising my 2 children. Within few years motherhood had left its print on my body in the form of obesity, dark circles loss of radiance paired with fine lines and blemishes. I received nutrAttractive as a sample from a friend and within 4 months I have lost 4 pounds of rigid weight my skin is for sure glowing and the signs of ageing have visibly reduced. I am much healthier and stronger than ever since the last few years. I have embraced nutrAttractive as a vital part of life now.

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I had a constant hair loss and hair thinning problem since few years, none of the new age or traditional remedy helped. I was losing confidence along with my thinning hair. After a senior Doctor’s recommendation, I used the sample bottles of nutrAttractive and my hair fall has reduced to 85%, which no other medicine was able to do till now. My hair regained strength and moisture. I feel energetic and active throughout the day! I recommend this to every fellow woman.

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Despite following the best nail care routine and making changes to my lifestyle, my nails remained weak and soft and lacked strength. They were dry and brittle and broke so easily. Suffering from nail breakage and tearing so often was a downright annoying experience. Ever since I started consuming NutrAttractive on my dermatologist’s suggestion, my nails have become healthy, smooth, and strong. By correcting weak and damaged nail beds, NutrAttractive prevents my nails from breaking and expertly takes care of nail health from every angle, that’s not all, I feel energised, and my Blood pressure and cholesterol levels have also reduced.

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NutrAttractive is praiseworthy when it comes to improving immune function and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have been consuming this health and beauty supplement daily since a few months and it does wonders in building immunity and protecting me from common diseases and illnesses. It acts as my best defense against viruses and infections and keeps me healthy year round.

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It’s no secret that the body needs a constant supply of energy to carry out daily activities we love. NutrAttractive works really well in boosting energy levels and helps me stay energized throughout the day. This scientifically formulated health and beauty supplement works at the cellular level to make the body healthy and boost energy and stamina. NutrAttractive is now my go to choice to increase energy and fight fatigue.

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nutrAttractive is my healthiest decision in last the 10 years other than yoga. My health stats have greatly improved along with my newly found glow and energy! Thanks to the day I was handed a bottle of its sample. My best buy for my best self!

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I was spending a lot of time and money into expensive products and treatments to get rid of the signs of aging on my skin but nothing seemed to work. I received nutrAttractive as a sample from a friend and I can’t thank her enough! My skin is transforming & I am feeling a lot energetic.

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Mangngaih Tawmbing

Amazing as always. I have been using nutrAttractive for over a year now (my mom as well!) and the all-in-one health and beauty supplement is incredibly good for my skin and makes me feel confident. Highly recommended!

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My hair has been my best asset ever since I was a child. However, I started to see noticeable hair loss a few weeks after menopause that got worst after covid. My envy worthy hair became thinner gradually and more breakable than before. Due to excessive hair shedding and hair thinning, I started losing my confidence, vitality and femininity and felt depressed most of the time. One fine day my dermatologist recommended to me NutrAttractive, a health and beauty supplement for complete health and nourished hair. I started consuming it daily and soon achieved strong, healthy, and thick hair. It rightly supported my overall hair health and hair loss also slowed down.

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Been using nutrAttractive for over months now and trust me it has become an inseparable part of fitness and beauty routine. nutrAttractive is a revolutionary formula that provides a magnanimous dose of 50 nutrients in just one tablet, to render holistic healthcare with a young-attractive skin, strong hair, and healthy body weight. My doctor recommended it to me for anti-aging benefits and I truly cherish it.

Khushboo Jain
Khushboo Jain

A big thank you to the best all-in-one health supplement, nutrAttractive. Using the product everyday has helped me to improve muscle strength, enhance growth and fitness, repair muscles faster and reduce recovery time. Best product for those who are looking to take their fitness to the next level and improve workout stamina.

Nitin Bharadwaj
Nitin Bharadwaj

Would love to drop a line about the world class all-in-one supplement nutrAttractive. Few months ago, my trainer recommended me nutrAttractive for anti-aging benefits and improving workout, exercise performance, and stamina. It worked so positively that within a few I felt an upliftment in energy and improved health. Now nutrAttractive has become an important part of my daily routine and I feel so good after using the product. Everyone should use the product to stay strong fit and young.

Ashok kumar
Ashok kumar
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